Education and Training

MD, School of Medicine.
Buenos Aires National University, Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Specialist Certificate: In Oncology. Ministry of Health and Social Action Secretariat and Regulatory dossier Nation / T No.20.975/87-3-.18 Internal Control

Specialist Certificate In Medical Oncology Superior Council of the Province of La Pampa, according Regulations Decree 1957/83.24 Specialties

Post graduate Education

Research Methodology Course. Assistant approvingly. 144 hs. Superior medical advice Pampa Province.

Course regulations Clínica. 40 hs research. Watch. American Open University. CABA.

Assistant: Course Professional Upgrade "Key Aspects of Clinical Research Excellence". Buenos Aires.

Intensive Course in Clinical Research. 30 hs. Hospital Italiano. CABA

Assistant: Course Professional Upgrade "Key Aspects of Clinical Research Excellence". National Academy of Medicine. Buenos Aires.

Course on "Good Clinical Practices and Regulations". FECICLA. CABA.

Course "Good Clinical Practices". 6 h. NIDA Clinical Trials Netwok

Teaching Experience



Concurrent Medical Oncology at the Spanish Hospital of Capital Federal.
April 1982 to April 1987

Clinical controlled high operational service outside the Polyclinic FC. CABA
July 1985 to April 1987

Medical Oncologist Hospital Regional Rio Gallegos. Tumors Committee member.
January 1988 to October 1989

Zonal Hospital Medical Oncologist DR. Lucio Molas. Santa Rosa. La Pampa. 44hs.
September 1989 to June 1990

Oncologist Medical Center Oncology and Radiotherapy. S.R. La Pampa
From June 1992 to November 2004.
Specialist Medical Oncology. Centro Medico Infinito. Santa Rosa. La Pampa.
November 2004 to the present.

Medical Oncology Service of Hospital L. Molas. Santa Rosa. La Pampa
June 2007 to the present

Professional Memberships

Grupo Oncológico Cooperativo del Sur (G.O.C.S.). La Pampa. Argentina.

Member of the Argentina Association of Clinical Oncology, A.A.O. C.
from 89

Member of Oncologists Foundation of Patagonia Argentina (FOPA for its abbreviation in Spanish).
From 2009

Provincial Referring of the National Institute Cáncer. INC.
From 2010

Research Experience




Honors and Awards

President of the Medical College Foundation of La Pampa.
November 1997 to December 2001.

President of the Superior Council of Medical Pampa.
December 2000 to December 2009

First Prize, Clinical Investigation Work, “Docetaxel as neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with advanced cervical carcinoma”.
XVII Jornadas Multidisciplinarias de Oncología “Instituto Angel Roffo”.
August 29-31, 2001.

Special Mention - Best Scientific Work. “Evolución de la Investigación Clínico Oncológica (ICO) en la Rep. Argentina (RA): periodo 1993-2003”.
XXIV Reunión Anual de Trabajo de la Asociación Argentina de Oncología Clínica. Rosario, Santa Fe, República Argentina.
July 1- 3 2004.