About GOCS

The Grupo Oncológico Cooperativo del Sur (GOCS) was founded in 1978 by medical oncologists from Neuquén and Bahía Blanca, Argentina.

In 1986 investigators from Mar del Plata, and later from Santa Rosa, Tres Arroyos and La Plata, joined the group. They contributed to the reinforcement of its main goals: to improve patient care through the development of clinical research, and professional and public education. Today, over twenty institutions involved in cancer patient care (between members and affiliates) from different cities of Argentina and other countries, participate in GOCS clinical studies and educational activities.

Since its foundation, our group has devoted a great deal of interest to clinical trials, prognostic factors and assessment of outcomes in different malignancies such as breast cancer, lung cancer and biochemical modulation in colorectal cancer, among others. In addition, we have focused on translational studies with biomarkers of response to therapy and basic science. All member institutions handle a uniform method of data collection, registration and managing, that allows for the presentation of reliable information as judged by a peer review system.

Every GOCS center has a computerized data base, and all of them are interconnected. This organization enables the daily exchange of information as well as the monitoring of studies in progress. In addition, six plenary sessions per year are held at different locations. The GOCS sponsors scientific meetings, lectures by renowned personalities in oncology, and training fellowships for Argentina and foreign-born oncologists. The group is also involved in educational activities aimed at community prevention, general information and support of the cancer patient. This web site describes our activities and publications. We hope they will enable the reader to get acquainted with GOCS. Please feel free to contact us if you would be interested in joining or collaborating with our group.

GOCS Member Institutions

UON - Unidad Oncológica Neuquén
Institution address: Rivadavia 360 - Zip Code: (CEP) Q8300HDH
City: Neuquén - State: Neuquén - Country: Argentina
Telephone: +54 299 448 5247 / Fax: +54 299 443 5892
HPCRN - Hospital Provincial Dr. Eduardo Castro Rendón - Neuquén
Institution address: Buenos Aires 451 - Zip Code (CEP): Q8300BCI
City: Neuquén - State: Neuquén - Country: Argentina
Telephone/Fax: +54 299 449 0853
CREO - Centro Radioterapéutico de Excelencia Oncológica
Institution address: Soler 461 - Zip Code (CEP): B8000FJI
City: Bahía Blanca - State: Buenos Aires - Country: Argentina
Telephone: +54 291 453 9848 / Fax: +54 291 452 5667
CMI - Centro Médico Infinito
Institution address: San Martin 391 - Zip Code (CEP): L6300BBD
City: Santa Rosa - State: La Pampa - Country: Argentina
Telephone/Fax: +54 458 854 / +54 418 854
COTA - Centro Oncológico Tres Arroyos
Institution address: Brown 450 - Zip Code (CEP): B7500AYJ
City: Tres Arroyos - State: Buenos Aires - Country: Argentina
Telephone: +54 2983 424 058
HIEN Dr. Alejandro Korn - Hospital Interzonal Neuropsiquiátrico de Agudos y Crónicos
Institution address: Calle 520 y 175 - Zip Code (CEP): 1900
City: La Plata - State: Buenos Aires - Country: Argentina
Telephone: +54 221 478 0181 / +54 221 478 0182

Scientific Committee

Reinaldo Daniel Chacon, MD.
Medical Director of Alexander Fleming Institute
Director of the Oncology Teaching Unit and Fellowship Program of Universidad de Buenos Aires.
Street: 1180 Cramer, C1426ANZ CABA, Argentina.
Mario DeLena, MD.
Scientific Director of the Oncology Institute and Chief of medical Oncology Division of the Oncology of Bari
Past-President of the Association Italiana di Oncologia Medica (AIOM).
Member of the National Oncological Committee of the Ministry of Health.
Street: 209 Via Amendola, 70126 Bari, Italy.
Gabriel Hortobagyi, MD.
Professor of internal Medicine
Chief of Breast Cancer Service on M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute.
Street: 1515 Holcombe Blvd, 77030 Houston, Texas, EEUU.
Herman Cortez Funes, MD.
Past-President of European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO)
Chief of Medical Oncology Section of Hospital de la Seguridad Social 12 de Octubre
Street: km 5.5, carretera de Andalucia, 28041 Madrid, Spain.
Angelo Paradiso, MD, PhD.
Direttore Scientifico Istituto Oncologico-Bari, Italia
Direttore Laboratorio Oncologia Sperimentale Clinica Istituto Oncologico-Bari, Itali
IRCCS Istituto Tumori "Giovanni Paolo II"
Viale Orazio Flacco, 65
70124 - BARI (Italy)
Ricardo H. Alvarez, M.D., M.Sc.
Clinical Assistant Professor
Georgia Reagents University, Atlanta
Breast Medical Oncologist
Director of Cancer Research
Cancer Treatment Centers of America®
600 Parkway North, Newnan, GA 30265


Award to best poster in Clinical Area
Our experience in the treatment of stage I breast cáncer.
Iturbe Julián; Lacava J; Leone P; Vallejo C; Scuteri R; Castro J; Leone B.
XXIII Oncology Meeting “A multidisciplinary approach”. Institute Angel Roffo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. September 1, 2007.
Accésit Award to best poster in Clinical Area
Treatment of Breast Cancer in Early Stages. Experience of Southern Cooperative Oncology Group (GOCS) in a cohort with longer follow-up.
J. Iturbe, A. Zwenger, JA Lacava, P. Perez Verdera, C. Vallejo, A. Romero, JP Leone, J. Perez, M. Maccihavelli, B. Leone.
XXV Anniversary Conference "Customizing in cancer treatments. Selection of treatment". Institute Angel Roffo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. September 4, 2009.